Viking grills for outdoor entertainment

If you are looking at Viking grills to make your outdoor season special, there are many models and configurations to choose from. Made of 1.2 mm thick stainless steel, these outdoor Viking grills come with a double-wall angled hood designed to keep heat inside the grill and reduce the temperature of the sidewalls, and 6,500 watt stainless steel burners that deliver intense heat right across the grill surface. The temperature is infinitely adjusted via a patented valve. Viking also outfits these gas grills with a rotisserie that features 4,000 watt Gourmet-Glo infrared back burner, a removable stainless steel rotisserie motor, 1.3 cm diameter rotisserie spit, and two rotisserie forks.

Specially designed chrome plated warming surface, reinforced and adjustable to three levels, is placed above the barbecue at the back. Other features of these outdoor Viking grills include a removable smoking plate fitted with a 3,700 watt burner that can be filled with wood shavings to smoke food, integrated thermometer and electronic push-button lighter which provides clear, continuous spark. And these Viking grills can be integrated as range tops into any kind of exterior panelling and do not require any further insulation, or can be mounted on freestanding cart sold separately.
Viking also offers grills with two 4,000 watt side burners, ideal to cook sauces, side dishes and other foods for a complete outdoor meal. Such grills come with removable, porcelainized, and robust V-shaped fire grills to provide a continuous surface from front to back, making for easy movement of large pots and pans. Stainless steel grill support and burner wells can be removed to make cleaning easier, while removable stainless steel lid provides extra protection against weather elements.
The gas grills are easy to clean, as they are equipped with grease and fat removal system which consists of a full-width, removable, stainless steel ball-bearing mounted drip tray. And individual, smaller trays within the main tray make cleaning still easier. Other smartly designed features include porcelainized grates to provide an ultra-resistant surface and prevent food from sticking, and perforated, stainless steel systems to collect fat from above the burners, recovering cooking juices and reducing the risk of fat catching fire. Viking. Previously, Viking grill cooker and Viking charcoal smoker.

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