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Made of heavy-duty, high quality 304 stainless steel with professional styling, a GE Monogram outdoor cooking center complements Monogram ranges, cooktops and ovens, allowing you to enjoy the best outdoor cooking to entertain family and friends. GE offers several different sizes and configurations of these unique outdoor cooking systems, each available in natural gas or liquid propane, and designed to give you utmost flexibility, performance as well as smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor kitchens. Powerful burners include 25,000 BTU, stainless steel burners that offer precise control across a wide spectrum of temperature settings, 14,000 BTU ceramic infrared rotisserie burner, allowing you to slow-roast lamb, pork and other meats to succulent perfection, and 23,000 BTU ceramic infrared searing burner with high radiant heat needed to sear the outside of foods, locking in natural juices and flavors. And adjustable output of Monogram outdoor cooking center allows you to cook everything from thick fillets of steak to delicate fish and vegetables, while Gourmet Radiant trays ensure even heat distribution and reduce flare-ups.
Other outdoor friendly features of such a cooking center include electronic, 120-volt ignition systems that makes grill activation as simple as pressing a knob control, and a 9-volt battery backup, a retractable warming shelf for a second-level surface that allows you to keep grilled foods heated and cook delicate foods without charring, stainless steel grill grates to resist rust and distribute heat evenly across the entire cooking surface, large, round thermometer positioned on the front control panel, instead of the canopy, showing the approximate temperature of the grill surface instead of the air space above the grates.

Excellent addition to your outdoor cooking center, GE Monogram dual burner outdoor cooktop offers a pair of 15,000 BTU sealed side burners, giving you extra space for preparing side dishes or boiling water. Comes with high-altitude conversion kit, so you can install it and efficiently grill in your maintain cabin.
Integrated illumination sets the stage for nighttime grilling with red LED lights above the knob controls, along with interior halogen lighting.
Perfect for your balcony, rooftop, back or front yard, the GE Monogram outdoor cooking systems will provide life long enjoyment.
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