Sunny washing machine from Rex Electrolux

Sunny RWFH12280W is an advanced washing machine with 7 kg load capacity that works with solar-heated water as well as uses hot water from the domestic water supply and offers up to 50% savings on energy, compared to traditional washing machines. The heated water source can be solar panels, alternative water heating devices or a traditional boiler. Sunny is part of the Rex-Electrolux range developed under the Green Spirit initiative in Italy.
Sunny has 6 washing cycles, including Cotton 90°- 60°- 40°C, Synthetics 60°-40°C, Cotton/Synthetics 30°C, Gentle/Wool 40°-30°C, Cold Wool, Soak, and 4 options, including Prewash, Night Cycle, Daily, Short.
With maximum spinning speed of 1,200 rpm, this washing machine is rated ‘A+AB’ for energy efficiency, cleaning performance and spinning performance respectively. Start delay feature allows you to postpone the start of the wash cycle as needed. Large loading opening, child safety lock, optional drawer stand.

Sunny has dual hot and cold water inlet pipes allowing it to use cold water and heat it, using its own element in the traditional way, or blend hot and cold water from the system. Seen in stores for € 565. Rex Electrolux.

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