Outdoor kitchens for modern consumer by Metalco Home

A sleek modern combination of hand brushed stainless steel and treated exotic wood, Suzette outdoor kitchen has 2 gas burners and Piezoelectric lighter with thermocouple safety device, allowing you to cook and enjoy outdoors in style. Stainless steel gas cylinder and rubbish containers, rubber wheels and anti slip Teflon feet. All optional wood accessories are treated with cooked linseed oil.

The semicircular Cheope is also entirely made of hand brushed stainless steel, with few optional accessories in solid exotic wood, surface-treated with cooked linseed oil. This versatile outdoor kitchen will truly take care of all your cooking needs. It features 2 gas burners, 2 tubular gas burners to heat the lava rock barbecue grill with stainless steel plates, a tubular gas burner to heat the Ollare stone interchangeable with cast iron plate, Piezoelectric lighter with thermocouple safety device, stainless steel sink with stretchable tap, 3 stainless steel drawers mounted on automatic closing runners, a hinged stainless steel door to close the rubbish container and the gas cylinder container compartments, and 19 mm rapid connection for water supply and release. Metalco Home.

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