Outdoor charcoal kitchens and grills from OutStanding

For many outdoor cooks, charcoal is the only way to go. Despite the convenience, speed and power of gas grilling, charcoal does have one advantage – the unrivaled authentic flavor of grilled meat or fish. OutStanding outdoor charcoal kitchens come in several trims. Here is charcoal Exclusive outdoor kitchen, which is also available in gas configuration. The key features are 49 by 45 cm² grilling area, stainless steel grill grates, integrated cutting board, double stainless steel grill hood, top and bottom air controllers, integrated ash box, stainless steel sink and faucet with rotating water head, 10 cm diameter wheels on one side and plug-in system with stainless steel pipe for water supply. The Exclusive outdoor kitchen is sold for € 2985.

The OutStanding Easy charcoal barbecue is built from high quality 304 stainless steel with stable, fully welded frame, giving you 49 by 45 cm² grilling area situated on a garden chair-like structure. Made for the design-oriented barbecue fans, Easy is also very functional and robust charcoal outdoor mini kitchen with galvanized and black powder coated frame, stainless steel grill grates, double stainless steel grill hood to prevent discoloration caused by extreme heat, top and bottom air controllers, integrated ash box and fat collecting tray. You can buy it for around € 1350. OutStanding.

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