Charcoal smoker from Viking – new gravity feed charcoal smokers

The new gravity feed charcoal smoker is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and designed to blend seamlessly with all Viking outdoor products. These extremely durable and attractive gravity feed charcoal smokers are able to perform a wide variety of cooking functions that all outdoor chefs will enjoy. Viking offers outdoor charcoal smokers in 30″ and 36″ wide models. The interior of the 30″ wide smoker has 3 racks and 6.7 cu. ft. of cooking space. It comes as freestanding or portable unit. The 36″ wide outdoor smokers feature 4 racks and 9.7 cu. ft. of interior space and are available as freestanding units only.
The smokers are fueled entirely by charcoal, and use gravity to feed unlit coals into the firebox. As the lower coals burn off, fresh coals fall and are ignited, thus creating the unique gravity feed charcoal system. The interior is completely insulated to maximize heat retention – a must when performing long-term outdoor cooking. The unique design allows such charcoal smoker to achieve precise temperature control and act as a smoker, grill and oven all in one. An external airflow valve helps create an Elliptical flow of air into and throughout the unit. These outdoor smokers require very little maintenance and allow you to produce professional style BBQ results in your own backyard. Other features include a large capacity tray for wood chips or chunks, a removable grease trough and ash pan for easy clean up, a removable rain cap for top smoke stack, and adjustable legs for easy leveling. Viking.

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