Electrolux dishwasher – Visi dishwasher

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If you have ever wondered what goes on in your dishwasher while it’s running, the new Electrolux dishwasher, Visi, can provide the answer. This distinctive invention was inspired by consumers who expressed an interest in viewing the cleaning process. As a result, Electrolux launched Visi dishwasher in the fall of 2005. This innovative product offers something no other dishwasher does – the ability to watch your dishes as they are being washed. The creators of the Visi have incorporated a see-through front panel into their machines, that provide a clear view into the dish washing process. When combined with its ability to clean effectively, the dishwasher user-friendly control panel, and its sleek stainless steel finish, the Visi is practical while making a once tedious chore a little more entertaining. Buy Electrolux Visi dishwasher for the price of £430.

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