24″ built-in dishwasher with Wave-Touch Controls from Electrolux

The Wave-Touch Controls activate control panel with one touch and your 24″ built-in dishwasher is ready to go. Once you select a program and close the door, display will fade away. Speaking of the door, it stays put at whatever angle you place it. Electrolux claims that this is the quietest dishwasher in its class, running virtually silent, while offering one of the largest usable capacities. Electrolux also equips this built-in dishwasher with the versatile racking system called Sure-2-Fit Racking System. You can put for over 180 items, anything from chopsticks to stockpots to stemware. The 3-level adjustable upper rack allows for the utmost flexibility, and in its lowest position, you can fit 10″ stemware in the top rack and 12″ dinner plates in the bottom. Features include gentle Perfect Stemware Cycle that will leave your glasses spotlessly clean, customizable ‘My Favorite’ Setting to meet your specific dishwashing needs, incredibly smooth upper and lower Luxury-Glide racks that extend effortlessly thanks to its ball bearing gliders and Luxury-Dry System that incorporates a high-efficiency fan for outstanding drying results. The energy Star rated and Star-K approved, this Electrolux built-in dishwasher also has one of the best warranties. But with its durable stainless steel interior and Leak Detection System which detects any water leak and immediately stops and drains the dishwasher while sounding an audible and visible alarm, chances are you never need it. Electrolux designed this built-in dishwasher with 9 wash cycles – Auto Wash, Heavy, Normal, Favorite, Quick, Delicate, Eco Wash, Perfect Stemware and Rinse Only, giving you complete control and unparalleled versatility. The dishwasher also comes with 5 options – Hi-Temperature Wash, Hi/Low Pressure, Air Dry, NSF Certified Sanitize Option and Delay Start which provides time cushion from 30 minutes to 24 hours. The dishwasher height is adjustable between 33.88″ and 34.88″. And once you dishes are clean, Electrolux signature blue LED designer lighting illuminates the floor underneath. This built-in dishwasher is also available in stainless steel and white finishes. The price for the stainless steel model is $1,300, the white and black dishwashers are $1,200 each. See also Visi Electrolux dishwasher.

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