Bosch dishwasher – Lego Edition

Unveiled in Germany this summer for the European markets, the Lego Edition Bosch dishwasher was developed in conjunction with the toy maker Lego and is the first dishwasher that can be safely used to clean plastic toys and plastic dishware. All types of small plastic toys can be gently cleaned in this Bosch dishwasher, using their 40 degree Celsius dishwashing cycle, which is warm enough to dispel germs and dirt, but cool enough to ensure plastic toys retain their shape and integrity. Available in 3 models, the freestanding model (SGS 47M62EU), the under-the-counter model (SGU 47M65EU), and the fully integrated model (SGI 47M65EU), the Lego Edition Bosch dishwasher is available in Europe from Bosch for €649, €749 and €899 respectively.

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