Fisher & Paykel dishwasher – the DishDrawer

The Fisher & Paykel dishwasher, the DishDrawer, follows the new kitchen trend of agility of operations, where manufacturers are doubling up and multiplying the function of their appliances. It started with the prevalence of the double wall oven, like the AeroTech Stainless Steel Double oven, and has now moved to the dishwasher. Fisher & Paykel were the first to come up with the concept of the DishDrawer, the independently functioning, double drawer dishwasher. This Fisher & Paykel dishwasher is designed to emulate the form of other kitchen drawers and can either be installed in separate locations or on top of one another in a standard dishwasher location. The beauty of the dual-drawer system is that you can separate your dishes – put stemware in one and rinse on a delicate cycle, while pots and pans wash in the other drawer with a heavier cycle. Also ideal for smaller households where smaller amounts of dinnerware need to be washed at a time – you can save water and energy costs by only running one drawer. Individual drawers wash up to seven place settings using as little as 2.4 gallons of water per load. This Fisher & Paykel dishwasher now comes with a built-in water softener and keeps dinner and stemware organized, clean and free of mineral spots. Each drawer ($700 to $900 each) offers eight different wash cycles and is available in black, white, stainless steel, and equipped with trim panels. A dishwasher that can help create flexible kitchen layouts and operation – the DishDrawer.

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