Hettich Prisma dishwasher slides review


Hettich Prisma does first-class job in dishwashers.

The upper basket Prisma slide is ergonomically tailored to the dishwasher workflow, ensuring unfailing performance under extreme conditions, constantly meeting the toughest demands on operating smoothness when wet and at high temperatures.

With Prisma, Hettich makes one of the most convenient appliances even easier to use, proving that the little details can deliver the biggest impact.

When the dishwasher is full of dishes, the extra weight on the upper basket can make unloading the dishwasher sticky and difficult to maneuver.

With the unique technology of Prisma, the added weight of heavy dishes does not affect the smooth movement, and the upper basket is extended just as easily as if it were empty.

Prisma also includes an optional height adjustment feature, which accommodates oversized dishes. Simply adjust the basket downwards for tall glasses or those with long stems. Adjust the basket upwards when bulky items, such as pots and pans need to be washed in the lower basket.

The adjustment components, located on the four corners of the basket, substantially increase the lateral stability of the upper basket.


Prisma has two variations – the Hybrid and the LV.

The Hybrid allows for full or over extension of the upper basket, while the LV allows for partial extension. Both versions are extremely durable, having been tested to withstand up to 150 N and 100,000 cycles.

Adding Prisma to a dishwasher is easy and convenient because the upper basket runner can be assembled in the cabinet after the welding process or can be welded to the tub during the process.

Completely safe to use in dishwashers, both versions conform to RoHS.

The combination of stainless-steel profiles and plastic rollers allows the system to operate without the need for greasing and also provides good running properties throughout its long life.

The open, self-cleaning profile geometry makes it almost impossible for dirt particles to become trapped as they are simply flushed out during the dishwashing cycle.

Hettich America.

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