Samsung dishwasher with hard food disposer – review


The new energy efficient Samsung dishwasher, DMR78 is a stylish stainless steel dishwasher featuring a convenient stainless handle that mirrors the handle design of Samsung ranges and Samsung refrigerators, as well as hidden touch sensor controls for a sleek, integrated look.

The DMR78 is one of the quietest dishwashers in its class, thanks to the 6-layer door insulation and advanced motor insulation systems.

Its concealed motor base also significantly cuts back on the noise.

With the goal to save consumers time and energy, Samsung equipped this dishwasher with a hard food disposer, eliminating the need to prewash dishes.

The DMR78 is also Energy Star qualified and uses just under 290 kWh/year.

Hidden heating element, 6 wash cycles, auto clean sensor and 3 spray wash arms are among other key features.

Price for the stainless steel Samsung dishwasher is $900.


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