Whirlpool freestanding dishwasher

The new Whirlpool freestanding dishwasher boasts 30% more space with a 3rd wash level and phenomenal results excellence with new PowerClean MAX and 6th Sense Aquasteam. New PowerClean MAX eliminates the need to scrub or soak crockery and pans prior to dishwashing. The 24 rotating water jets at the rear of this freestanding dishwasher work simultaneously to remove stubborn or baked-on food without the use of additional energy or water. At the same time, Whirlpool famous 6th Sense technology ensures glassware and delicate items are cleaned gently, safely and thoroughly, delivering best-ever wash performance with 13% better cleaning results.

Additionally, Whirlpool freestanding dishwasher boosts the normal program by adding steam to remove tough stains without the need for pre-treatment. Steam is a great asset not only for cleaning but it also helps to eliminate bacteria, sanitising the load. The AquaSteam function is combined with 6th Sense technology so that steam is activated and controlled automatically. 6th Sense technology senses, monitors and adapts the program to the level of soiling and the load size, automatically selecting the most economical cycle to give the best results. The resource savings can be up to 50% of water, energy and time. The innovative 3rd wash level has 2 removable cutlery trays eliminating the need for the traditional cutlery basket in the lower rack. The divided rack can be arranged in 2 alternative positions, or removed completely, to release extra space in the basket below. The new dishwasher has 30% more space and accommodates a full 13 place settings. Key benefits of new Whirlpool freestanding PowerClean Max dishwasher are
– triple ‘A’ rated for energy, wash and drying performance
– 6th Sense technology with one touch control for the ultimate in the utilisation of steam and resources and saves up to 50% energy, water and time
– 13 place settings over 3 levels and new flexible top level cutlery trays
– AquaSteam technology to boost a normal cycle, soften dried on food, help to eliminate bacteria and sanitise the dishes
– 7 wash programs including Fully Automatic program with Aquasteam
– 11 litres of water in a standard wash program
– 3 wash levels with 3 spray arms to maximise cleaning
– more space in the lower basket
– height adjustable upper basket
– quiet operation at just 42 dB
– up to 24-hour delayed start
– an overnight program operating at a very quiet 39 dB
– anti-bacterial rinse option
– self cleaning filter
– electronic indicators for salt and rinse aid
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