Modern washing machine from De Dietrich

The De Dietrich DWF814 is a modern washing machine with the unique intuitive Intelligent Control System (ICS) technology, available in De Dietrich cooking and dish washing products. The 8kg washer comes in black or stainless steel, has maximum RPM speed of 1,400, and is ‘A+AB’ rated for energy, washing and spinning. A 34cm diameter blue glass door opens to 180°. The 60 litre stainless steel drum is inclined to ensure better wash and spin results and also makes loading and unloading easier. Electronic clock with 1 to 24 hours delay start allows you to set wash start in the most appropriate time. A stainless steel fascia with blue, LCD display shows wash progression information, wash time remaining, cycle and spin speed information as well as Door Unlocked and Filter To Be Cleaned indicators. The fascia features a single turn-and-press control which is automatically set to the ICS option. That can be overridden manually with 16 manual wash programs. ICS sensors within the machine gauge the process of saturation between whites or non-white clothing with a choice of light, regular or soiled options to choose from. It then accurately determines the program, temperature and duration of the wash, together with the correct spin speed required, so all you do is press start. The modern washing machine also constantly monitors the load and automatically adjusts itself for perfect results every time. And this De Dietrich washer only uses the least amount of water and energy required for each wash, depending on the size of load and saturation required, making this a highly economical and environmentally friendly washing machine.

The 16 further manual programs offer a range of more special wash cycles and include 30 and 15 minute Quick Wash, Easy Iron, Intensive Washing, Extra Rinse, Anti Crease, Prewash, Cold Wash, Wool and Delicates. Quick Wash is ideal for washing baby clothes or delicate items such as lingerie and will use as little as 22 litres of water. Larger delicate items like curtains or duvets can be washed on Delicates cycle. The machine has a maximum water consumption of 59 litres which is rarely necessary even for a larger wash. All De Dietrich modern washing machines feature Automatic Variable Capacity or AVC, which monitors the size of the load and adjusts the water intake and duration of the program accordingly. The 5 safety options are foam suppression, anti detergent leak, anti overflow, load balancing and a safety lock. Price is £750. De Dietrich.

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