Contemporary coffee maker – coffee Padmachine from StudioMOM

The Padmachine from StudioMom is an innovative contemporary coffee maker for a high end kitchen. Designed exclusively for Inventum, the Dutch manufacturer of domestic electrical appliances, the Café Invento Padmachine can satisfy any need when it comes to brewing a perfect cup of java. This clever machine has been designed with a “wall” that features a convenient removable reservoir for ease of use and cleaning. This contemporary coffee maker is a compact package that will not take up valuable space in your kitchen. It is composed of a new, durable material called Protact, as steel with a polymer coating that gives this unit a high-quality feel, makes it easy to clean, causes it to be scratch and corrosion resistant, and doesn’t show fingerprints. Further, this coffee maker has been engineered so that any type of pad can be used and so that the coffee strength can easily be adjusted according to the user’s preference. StudioMom.

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