SENSEO Viva coffee pad system

Connect with your friends and loved ones over a SENSEO coffee. Share and enjoy the pleasure of its rich, smooth and creamy taste. The easy-to-use SENSEO Viva Café coffee machine with its new softer shape is the natural next step in the evolving story of this innovative coffee pad system.

The Viva Café comes with adjustable spout to easily accommodate your favourite cup size and make 1 or 2 cups of delicious SENSEO coffee in less than a minute. The coffee will certainly delight you since you can adjust its strength with Strength Select option, and SENSEO unique Philips and Douwe Egberts brewing system delivers some of the best tasting coffee. Moreover, you have a large coffee pod variety to choose from, and every perfect cup of coffee comes with a rich and delicious coffee foam layer.
The SENSEO Viva Café coffee machine has automatic shut-off feature that switches the system off after 30 minutes to save energy. The removable extra-large water reservoir allows fewer refills while Calc-Clean indicator reminds you to decalcify. Finished in aluminum top and metallic spray with polished stainless steel spout for premium look. Philips.
SENSEO coffee maker
Philips SENSEO Quadrante coffee maker

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