Senseo coffee maker line from Phillips

Phillips Senseo coffee maker line has now 3 versatile single-serving coffee machines that are sure to serve all of your coffee needs. Depending on your desired features and style, choose between the Original Senseo Coffee Machine, the Senseo Deluxe and the Senseo Supreme. The Original Senseo coffee maker is available in red, white, black and blue for $70 USD and allows you to brew one cup of coffee at the touch of button, in under one minute. The Deluxe Senseo comes in Black for $100 USD and is a multi-beverage system, capable of brewing coffee, tea and cappuccino. The adjustable spout and 33% larger water reservoir allow for more options and flexibility. The Deluxe Senseo coffee maker also comes with 68 gourmet coffee pods, a free tea-pod holder and coupons for free cappuccino and tea pods. The Senseo Supreme has all the features and accessories of the Deluxe and is available in Stainless Steel for $140 USD. The Senseo Supreme also features more versatile coffee volume selections for 3 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz cups, and 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz mugs, and an interactive LCD display to highlight water level. Choose the perfect Senseo Coffee Pod System for your needs and start making delicious, single serving gourmet coffee in your own home – from Phillips.

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