New Gaggia Espresso Machines – L’Amante, K111 and K111d

Three new Gaggia espresso machines has been added to its already extensive line. If you were impressed by the manual Gaggia Evolution, the capsule-based L’Amante, K111 and K111d Gaggia espresso machines will be sure to delight with their soft lines, fine detailing and amenities. The entire line uses the Caffitaly System, an innovation method that automates the art of espresso making with the convenience of advanced technology. The ready-to-use capsule system packages the perfect amount of ground coffee into a vacuum-sealed pack for an ideal cup of fresh coffee every time. The capsules are also disposable, which allows you to bask in the glow of these espresso machines attractive and modern designs and not be distracted by a messy clean-up process. The L’Amante (pictured above) is available in either silver or red and comes with a pannarello, which allows you to make the thick, creamy foam for the perfect cappuccino, tea or infusion. The K111 (below, right) is available in black and is the perfect choice for the espresso purists out there, while the K111d (below, left) is available in silver and allows for a choice between espresso, coffee crème and long coffee. Create your ideal coffee with that perfect Gaggia espresso machine.

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