Built-in oven by Gorenje Pure

The new built-in oven, Gorenje BO8776AX is a premium 60-litre oven from the company dynamic Pure Line of built-in appliances. Thanks to Gorenje remarkable technology, the Pure built-in oven does exactly what you command. Gorenje HomeMade technology is centred around a uniquely designed vaulted cavity ceiling in all of its built-in ovens, modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens for excellent baking results. The innovative design involves a precise positioning of the heated elements for perfect baking, with the vaulted interior ensuring a more efficient circulation and an even distribution of hot air inside the oven. And the hidden twin grill elements ensure no burned knuckles when using the grill. The result is succulent, yet crispy dishes, and soft breads with perfect crusts. This touch of ancient wisdom dovetails perfectly with Gorenje famous flair for design and its co-operation with renowned research institutions.

Now imagine the easiest and slickest way of operating these appliances. The Pure built-in oven comes with Gorenje DirecTOUCH system. A completely new and patented, electronic touch-screen program module for its ovens, DirecTOUCH is based on the innovative UseLogic technology integrated into the entire generation of the new Gorenje built-in appliances.
Key benefits of the Gorenje BO8776AX Premium Built-In Double Oven are,
– multi-function oven with ‘A’ energy rating
– generous 60-litre capacity with a market leading 46 cm wide cavity for a super sized baking area
– twin, variable grill with drop-down facility to allow for easy cleaning
– unique HomeMade technology modelled on traditional wood-fired bread oven for more efficient circulation and even distribution of hot air inside the oven
– patented DirecTOUCH electronic control for easy and intuitive operation
– multi-function oven with conventional, fan, small grill, full-width grill, bottom heat with fan circulation, defrost, plate warming and stay warm functions
– class-leading Fast Preheat function to 200°C in 6 minutes and 30% time saving
– meat probe accessory for perfect roasting results every time
– Stay Warm function to keep dishes warm, ideal when entertaining
– Warm Plate function for professional service from oven to table
– telescopic oven guides on 3 levels to bring trays out across the oven door
– ultra-cool tripled glazed glass door with Dynamic Cooling System for safety and energy efficiency
– inner door surface is ultra-smooth with no dirt traps and easy to clean
– super EcoClean enamel coated non-stick oven interior prevents fat from adhering to the panels of the oven for easy maintenance and long-term satisfaction
– AquaClean function for ecologically friendly cleaning using steam that softens grease and dirt without the use of harsh chemicals or high temperatures
More information on Pure range of built-in ovens, cookers and hobs is available at Gorenje. Previously, Gorenje steam oven.

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