Double fan oven from De Dietrich

This double fan oven, De Dietrich DOD798W in gloss white glass offers unprecedented features and is a fantastic appliance for family kitchens or for those who regularly entertain. Together with 10 oven functions in each oven, it offers the De Dietrich Multifunction Plus Cooking mode and pyrolytic self-cleaning in both ovens, ensuring the most cost effective and time saving cleaning available. The double fan oven also benefits from an animated digital display and streamlined touch sensitive controls on the oven fascia. The ‘B’ rated 32 litre top oven and the ‘A’ rated 56 litre main oven both feature 10 oven functions that include Fan, Combined Cooking, Conventional ECO, Turbo Grill, Double Grill, Single Grill, Keep Warm, Defrost and Pyroclean plus a special Bread Making function. And both ovens will automatically suggest the optimal temperature for each function, which can be then be adjusted as required.
Multifunction Plus mode offers ultimate versatility when cooking. An element behind the turbine uniformly diffuses heat, which allows up to 3 separate dishes to simultaneously cook on different shelf levels, while always preserving the distinct taste, texture and aroma of each food type. For the connoisseur cook, this allows the ability to create a number of different savoury and sweet recipes at the same temperature and at the same time. The cooking cavities of this double fan double oven feature a highly resistant non-stick surface that can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C and is extremely durable and easy to clean. Each oven features electronic temperature controls which are accurate to the nearest degree. This eliminates the risk of temperature fluctuations at any time.

Additional main benefits and features of De Dietrich Pyroclean double fan oven include,
– compensated hinges which allow for smooth opening and closing of the oven together with the easy ability to leave the door half open for grilling food without slamming shut
– fan auto-stop which shuts fans automatically as soon as the door is opened thereby preventing a blast of hot air from escaping
– easily removable door in both ovens enables you to easily dismantle and reassemble the door and glass panels to ensure pristine cleanliness from all sides, while also allowing for unrestricted access to the cavity, if required
– auto safety shut off is an additional safety feature that will automatically switch double fan oven off after 24 hours, just in case it is inadvertently left on
– extendable sliding shelves on telescopic runners can be effortlessly pulled out for quick basting, and easily returned without having to take out altogether, thus preserving heat from the oven
– patented Eolyse Catalyzer, integrated within most De Dietrich ovens, automatically diffuses unpleasant smells, leaving only the delicious aroma of the dish that is cooking while reducing fumes and steam from the oven
You can buy this double fan double oven with Pyroclean from De Dietrich for approximately £1,200.

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