New side-by-side refrigeration from Whirlpool

Whirlpool has launched a new range of American-style side-by-side refrigeration line, designed for those who have an eye for perfection and beauty and believe that less is more. Leading the latest trend for deluxe and hi-tech minimalism, Whirlpool new refrigerators combine smart technologies with sleek, sophisticated, totally flat designs, which enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen, as well as the quality of life. Keeping abreast with the changing desires of consumers, who seek high performance packed with style, Whirlpool has also added a touch of innovation to the refrigerator appearance. Changing the bulky shape of the American-style fridge, the new side-by-side refrigeration range offers a completely integrated design, smooth lines and a glass surface finish that succeeds in striking a high standard. This eye-catching appliance looks even more elegant with its iconic flush handles, and luxurious finish, adding elegance to the kitchen. The new side-by-side refrigerators combine their European-leading design flair with the advanced technology of Whirlpool. The range boasts a sheer reflective finish in dark mirror glass, perfectly in line with the Whirlpool Glamour aesthetics that includes ovens, hobs, microwave ovens and hoods. It also includes white, silver and a black finish for a stunning broader colour palette, with the surface finished in Luxilen, a high gloss and durable material resembling glass.

The glossy surfaces of the refrigerator doors are enhanced with brushed stainless steel integrated handles. With their form completely integrated into the doors panels, the handles emphasise the clean, sleek lines and neat surface of the refrigerator. The black, white and silver panels of entire side-by-side refrigeration range are enhanced by the brightness of the LED electronic controls display, emphasising the refrigerators high-end market quality in terms of visual presence, material choice and functionality.
The new line also boasts outstanding performance and intuitive and smart solutions that sustain Whirlpool role as a trend setter when it comes to contemporary methods of food preservation. The new American-style side-by-side refrigeration line incorporates the following benefits,
– 6th Sense technology constantly monitors and adjusts the temperature inside the storage area, keeping it at optimum conditions to preserve food for longer, guaranteeing long-term freshness and quality
– highly efficient, boasting an energy performance rating ‘A+’, up to 25% more energy efficient than an ‘A’ class appliance
– multi-flow system is a new advanced system providing optimum circulation of cool air around the interior, with cold air flowing out through multiple outlets on each shelf, providing an even temperature throughout the refrigerator, and quickly cooling it back down to its optimal level after the door has been opened
– restores to the perfect temperature up to 5 times faster than a conventional fridge with a minimum consumption of electricity
– the Total No Frost Whirlpool system prevents ice crystals forming, avoiding the accumulation of frost and ice, enabling the full use of space and consequently saves energy
– the new range boasts double electronic touch-sensitive paddles, one for ice and one for water and has a Rotating Easy Fill system which activates an external nozzle, perfect for filling containers of all shapes and sizes, and provides greater width compared to the standard side-by-side refrigerators
– the ice bin has been changed from inside the freezer compartment to the door, providing 20% more shelf space within, while the large transparent ice container is removable to serve ice directly into your glass, cubed or crushed anywhere, perfect for al fresco dining and the BBQ season
– the water filtration system reduces impurities from household water, providing high bottle water quality water and ice from your refrigerator for up to 6 months without a filter change, and is easily replaceable with a simple push-button action
– refrigerated air remains pure and hygienic with antibacterial filtration and the anti-odour system, keeping the new side-by-side refrigeration line free from bacteria and reducing unpleasant odours in the appliance
– these side-by-side refrigerators are equipped with a front ventilation system through the plinth, thus allowing the refrigerator to build-in perfectly with a run of kitchen furniture or sit against a side or rear wall for total installation convenience
Seen in stores around Europe for approximately € 2,000. Whirlpool. Previosly, Whirlpool 20 cu ft side-by-side refrigerators.

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