Caple C5100 lift oven

The new lift oven by Caple, Sense C5100 will make the ultimate style statement in your kitchen. This striking oven not only looks incredibly chic but it the epitome of intelligent thinking in kitchen design. Similar in design to Fulgor hidden oven, Caple lift oven rises smoothly from its flush position on your worktop to create a sensational showpiece – at the press of a button. You can use the salamander grill as guests gather round or place your food on the telescopic shelving, simply press the button and your oven will lower into your work surface to cook your food to perfection. You won’t have to worry about little fingers getting in the way as it moves into place either, as the C5100 Lift includes handy crush prevention sensors.

Equipped with residual heat indicator, this multi-functional oven not only looks good but will cater for your every need with 13 touch-control functions including Pizza and Bread-making programs. With a stunning stainless steel interior and three telescopic glass shelves, the C5100 Lift is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency so you can cook, feeling safe in the knowledge that you are helping to lower your carbon footprint. The Sense C5100 lift oven measures 59W x 51D x 41H cm and is priced from around £2,000. Caple.

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