Miele Speed oven review

The 24″ wide Miele Speed oven will help you entertain with ease. Well engineered both inside and out, the convection speed oven eliminates the need for multiple appliances by combining microwave and convection technologies into quite a remarkable oven. With 3 individual cooking levels, 9 cooking functions and Miele MasterChef food driven menu, the Speed oven delivers the ultimate in flexibility and performance.
Miele H 4084 BM Classic MasterChef stainless steel speed oven
The Speed oven 1.0 kW microwave quickly defrosts beef tenderloin, steams green beans and reheats holiday leftovers. Then, at the touch of a button, the convection mode kicks in to roast the tenderloin, bake popovers and broil seasonal fruit for a delicious dessert.

Miele MasterChef menu takes the guesswork out of cooking. Simply select the type of food, weight and result you require, and oven intuitive technology does the rest. With the use of the roast probe and Miele unique AutoRoast feature, the Speed oven will automatically monitor the internal temperature of the meat being cooked to ensure a delicious seared crust while the interior remains moist and succulent.
Miele H 4086 BM Europa MasterChef stainless steel speed oven
Europa Design adds an understated, contemporary style to your kitchen. A square handle – instead of Signature handle – paired with sleek black glass allows you to enjoy the best Miele performance and design every time you cook. With Miele Speed oven, bake, roast and crisp flawlessly, quickly and in style with your favorite recipes that can be stored in memory.
Key features and benefits of H 4084 BM Classic and H 4086 BM Europa Speed ovens include,
– context sensitive Navitronic touch controls with MasterChef technology
– multilingual LCD display
– metric/English conversion
– combination and individual convection / microwave programs
– Minute Plus function to start the microwave with maximum power for 1 minute
– 15 operating modes, including AutoRoast
– dual timers
– delay start function
– true European convection
– multitier operating modes
– infrared broiling system
– residual heat cooking
– automatic temperature settings
– electronic temperature control
– lower heating element to create perfect, uniform cooking results
– stainless steel interior cavity with PerfectClean
In addition, the H 4084 BM Classic and H 4086 BM Miele Speed oven models come with a wire rack, glass tray, roast probe and boiling stick. Seen in stores for $3,100.
The review would not be complete without less expensive but still very impressive Miele H 4044 BM Classic Chef Speed oven. For $2,100 you get,
– combination and individual convection / microwave programs
– Chef Series dial controls
– child safety lock
– cool to the touch door
– true European convection
– safety shut off
– 1.0 kW microwave
– multitier operating modes
– 8 operating modes
– infrared broiling system
– side mounted halogen interior light
– automatic temperature settings
– electronic temperature control
– clear text digital display
– clock and timer
– wire rack, glass tray, boiling stick

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