FCI cooktops

Designed with a distinctive Euro-Italian “Wing” design, FCI invokes a modern look of class and style with their new line of gas and electric cooktops. The Electric Cooktop, pictured above, is available in either a 30” or 36” model, both made with sleek and modern black ceramic glass, either frame-less or with a stainless steel frame. Equipped with fast reacting “FullLight” radiant heating elements, these FCI electric cooktops are ideal for consistent cooking results. Available with either infinite knob controls or comfortable touch electronic controls, this electric cooktop has features that can satisfy every user. Also featuring multiple residual heat indicators to highlight safety and a smooth ceramic glass surface, this cooktop is as safety oriented as it is easy to clean.
The Gas Cooktop is available in black, white or stainless steel and features 4 sealed burners that reach up to 18,000 BTU/h, precise ergonomic controls, a deep continuous surface and a safe, reliable re-ignition system. Equipped with heavy duty cast iron grates, these FCI gas cooktops are designed for optimal heating abilities and cookware stability. All gas cooktops come with a complimentary simmer place and small pot support piece and can easily be converted to liquid propane if desired. See the FCI European Convection Oven.

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