Collette Collins design refrigerator and cooktop

Designed to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into interior spaces, this Collette Collins design refrigerator and cooktop unit is a gorgeous and unique showcase for a refrigerator and cooktop with a matching spice rack and bookcase. Measuring 92″ x 9′ x 2′, this design refrigerator and cooktop unit has a tree like quality to its design, evoking nature as the provider of food and sustenance in your kitchen. Individually crafted by hand from Padauck wood, poplar, pewter and rubber, these one-of-a kind units are built with a commitment to environmental sustainability as no scrap of material goes unused during the building process. The beautifully textured exotic Padauck wood compliments the design of the carved poplar handles, making fine art and craftsmanship a central focus in the kitchen. The designer can work with individual clients to create extraordinary pieces to fit your specific needs. Gorgeously designed, uniquely arranged and unusually textured, this refrigerator and cooktop unit combines both a modern and rustic feel for an extraordinary kitchen design. Available through Collette Collins Design.

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