Electric radiant cooktops by Maytag in 36 & 30 inch

The sleek and modern electric radiant cooktop offers power, precision cooking control and easy cleanup. Both, the 36 and the 30 inch Maytag electric, glass ceramic cooktops boast some serious cooking power and performance. The 36″ glass-ceramic electric cooktop, MEC5536BAW has five Insta-Heat high-wattage radiant elements – two left-front and center-rear 6 inch 1,200W elements, right-rear 8 inch 2,000W element, left-rear extra-power 9 inch 2,500W element and right-front dual 9″/6″ 2,400W/1,000W element, allowing for complete control and total versatility, so you can experiment with your cooking endeavours any way you wish.
The stylish frameless design, glass-ceramic surface and easy-grasp pull-off control knobs deliver outstanding look and value. Maytag offers this modern 36″ electric radiant cooktop in three trims – black glass-ceramic surface with black and white control knobs for $719 each, and black glass ceramic surface with stainless steel trim and stainless steel accented knobs for $869 USD.
The scaled down 30 inch electric radiant cooktop, MEC5430BDW features four Insta-Heat high-wattage radiant elements and the same high-end attributes and finishes as the 36″ model. The stainless steel trimmed 30″ glass-ceramic electric model is priced at $719. The other two costs $569 each. Maytag. Previously, Gemini freestanding double oven Maytag range.

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