Gaggenau Appliances Vario modular cooktops

Gaggenau Appliances line of Vario cooktops consists of two ranges of modular cooktops – the 200 series which are mainly 30cm wide and 400 series which are mainly 40cm wide. Each Gaggenau modular cooktop combines perfectly with other cooktops from the same range to create a usable, flexible and practical cooking arena. The controls of the large 400 series are mounted on the draw-front immediately under the cooktops. The 200 series has smaller controls that are positioned on their front edge.
Gaggenau 200 Series
The VL 051 Vario cooktop extractor with extendable swivel arm is unique to Gaggenau Appliances and can move in close to the grill or saucepan ensuring the best extraction of cooking vapors right at source and expelling them from your kitchen. The extendable pivoting arm has two automatic positions – one at 6 cm above the cooking surface for grilling, and the other at the maximum 42 cm elevation for a saucepan. At the maximum height, the extractor arm rotates through 90 degrees to either side. If the automatic positions prove less than ideal for the task at hand, you can always raise or lower the arm to precisely the required height using the control knob. The arm centers itself and retracts into the hob automatically after use. It is equipped with a sensor to prevent itself from trapping anything while retracting. The fan power level is controlled by a 3-stage switch. Thanks to the easy-to-use control knobs, the three power levels can be securely selected even with wet hands.
This large electric deep fryer, VF 230 enables you to create dishes in your kitchen which were only possible for elite restaurant kitchen chefs. Thanks to the Gaggenau Appliances, you can safely fry potatoes, vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, fruit and sweet dishes one after another without any risk of taste cross over. The deep fryer has special three-zone design of its 3.5-litre frying basin which prevents flavors passing from one food to another. The oil temperature control is quite precise, with the range of 135 to 190°C with 5°C increments. Just set the right temperature and the hot oil will seal the surface of the food on contact, keeping the oil out and the flavor, texture, consistency, protein and minerals in. Gaggenau also offers the cold oil zone cooking, where cooking residues are separated from the frying food, and any water released during cooking, safely accumulates far enough away from the heat and surface to prevent spitting. The fryer cooktop is also very easy to clean because the heating element swings up out of the stainless steel basin for easy access.
For those who like Asian style dishes, or simply too comfortable with woks to give them up for more contemporary forms of cooking, Gaggenau VG 231 was designed to work with all types of gas wok appliances, from traditional Chinese round-bottomed wok, to flat-bottomed woks and other large and robust pots and pans. This wok features huge gas burner with a maximum output of 5000 W and uses three heat sources, a central, an inner and an outer ring, simultaneously. It delivers excellent results with the quick braising and stewing steps common in Chinese and Asian cookery and performs equally well boiling, steaming, searing and frying as required for more international cuisine. All this awesome power is easily controlled by one hand, due to the convenient electric ignition and gas regulator. A special low-heat mode starting at just 250 W can be also used with smaller pans just like a conventional gas cooktop.
The VI 230 Vario induction cooktop represents the latest heat transfer technology from Gaggenau offering optimum energy utilization within compact dimensions. This built-in induction cooktop, just 30 cm wide and with the integral long-format control panel typical of the Gaggenau series 200 design, is ideal for combining with other cooktops and Vario built-in appliances featuring the same control panel. The cooktop features the automatic preheat and cooking timer functions, allowing the user to preprogram two of the cooking zones up to 99 minutes in advance and a booster function which increases the output of the cooking zone by 50% for up to 10 minutes. This function is ideal for the very rapid heating of large quantities of water.
Gaggenau Appliances takes healthy cooking to a different level with this VK 230 Vario steamer, letting you steam all kinds of delicate vegetables, potatoes, rice, fish, shellfish and meat, using the highly effective heat transfer properties of moist air to produce wonderfully tender, juicy dishes – all while preserving the flavor, aroma, appearance, consistency and color of food, and unlike boiling water and pressurized steam, the hot pressure less steam also leaves the nutrients in food largely intact, making it one of the healthiest ways to cook. Broccoli, for example, loses 67% of its vitamin C content on boiling as against just 20% when steamed. Steam prevents flavors mixing too, as any juice escaping from the cooking food passes into the cooking water but not the steam. The water left in the steam hob after use can actually make an excellent base for a soup or sauce. This built-in steam hob also uses new Gaggenau heating technology with electronic steam regulation, saving time and energy by bringing the water or stock to boil in the shortest possible time, and generating only necessary amount of steam for the cooking process, once again saving energy and boosting efficiency.
The VR 230 electric grill allows you barbecue meat, and fish right into your home, and can be also used for roasting, pot roasting and keeping prepared food warm. The two 1500 W grilling elements have their separate infinitely adjustable temperature controls with nine power levels for each element allowing you cook virtually every kind of food at its specific temperature. The actual grill sits above a stainless steel container filled with lava stones, which naturally absorb and vaporize the fat. The perforated base of this container stops fat from congealing and allows it to drip through into the removable grease drip tray. The grilling elements pivot upright separately for easy cleaning access to the stainless steel lava stone container.
VL 040 and 041 downdraft extractors normally are mounted on the left and right of a built-in hob, or between two Vario built-in Gaggenau appliances, with only VL 041 having two control knobs for two power levels. The downdraft ventilation allows vapors to be directly extracted from the cooking surface. The direct extractor system work especially fine with the electric grill and deep fryer combination, where there is an extremely large amount of vapor. A metal filter absorbs the grease extracted by the system and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. These downdraft extractors require separate remote fans which are available in different versions, depending on the desired exhaust airflow – from 590 m3/h up to 1.040 m3/h, and the installation method required – indoor or outdoor mounting, mounting on external wall face or roof mounting.
Gaggenau 400 Series
The VI 421 Vario induction cooktop offers all the advantages of induction cooking method with usual design advantages that are typical of Gaggenau Appliances. Optimum energy utilization, short boiling times and pot detection with the cooktop recognizing the diameter of the pot or pan bottom and automatically heating up the bottom only. The cooking zone switches off whenever a cooking vessel is pushed off the cooking zone during operation. Another useful feature is the booster function which increases the out put of any cooking zone by 50 percent for between two and ten minutes. When using the booster function, the usage of other zones is limited.
The VF 411 Vario electric deep fryer can take up to 3.5 liters oil offering the optimum ratio of volume and performance. Exact temperature control between 135°C and 190°C in 5°C increments ensures that the surface of the food is sealed so fast that no fat can penetrate into it. The VF 411 also features the heavy control knobs with illuminated ring typical of the Vario 400 series. Fat melting stage is perfect for gentle and smoke-free heating of solid fat, meaning it can be used much longer. The heating element can be easily tilted up and away for easy cleaning of the stainless steel hob.
Just like the smaller 30cm wok, the larger 40cm VG 411 Vario gas wok hob is designed for Asian cooking. Super-high output burner with three flame rings of differing size achieve a power output spectrum of 300 to 5000 W and is ideal for brief searing. Large pots and pans up to 38 cm in diameter also fit on the special gas hob which, thanks to its special design, evenly distributes the heat, which can be dosed exactly, over large surfaces. With automatic fast ignition the flame ignites automatically without any waiting time and immediately at the chosen level. You can release the knob once the rings are burning as the thermoelectric safety pilot takes care of constant burning of the gas flames and automatically prevents the gas supply after the gas flame has gone out.
VI 411 Vario induction wok cooktop comes with induction wok for typical Asian searing in the middle of the pan, and with a wok attachment for the original round-bottomed wok. The latest heat transmission technology with optimum energy utilization in the format of the Gaggenau Vario 400 series, with the noble control knobs featuring an illuminated ring. A large cooking zone with a 26 cm diameter, suitable for pots and pans measuring 12 cm and more, is available.
Just as Gaggenau smaller modular steamer, the VK 411 Vario steamer is excellent hob for those who want to cook and eat healthy. Integrated control console with a heavy control knob fitted in the base cupboard sets temperature and steam cooking levels. The illuminated ring behind the control knob indicates the steam cooker operating state and goes off as soon as the set temperature has been reached. A uniform visual line is achieved in combination with other Vario built-in appliances in the 400 series that are also equipped with an integrated control console. Motor-driven drain valve is conveniently controlled by the second control knob.
The professional VP 421 Vario Teppan Yaki grill has a large hard chrome-plated stainless steel surface. Perfect for grilling and cooking with two separately controllable grilling zones. Without a pot, pan or pan support, this Gaggenau Appliances cooktop is very easy to clean. Two separately switchable grilling zones with 1500 W output each permit grilling, cooking or even keeping warm all at one time. Comes with exact electronic temperature controls from 120°C to 240°C and warming stage.
The VR 421 Vario is wide electric grill featuring very large grill area and the new concealed heating elements under the cast pan support. The two separately controlled 1,500 W strong heating elements located over the stainless steel tray filled with lava stones, can be switched separately so that the cooking point can also be used for roasting, braising or warming. Thus, you can grill on the front part, while using the rear part for keeping food warm. And both heating elements can simply be tilted up to clean the stainless steel hob.
The almost invisible VL 430 and 431 Vario downdraft ventilators are recessed in the hob and very efficient, perfectly blending with any Vario series 400 Gaggenau Appliances. With one or two elements, controllable via an integrated control panel, smoke and kitchen vapors magically disappear downwards. With dishwasher safe stainless steel grease filters, the sealing flaps open only when ventilation is needed. Two output levels can be easily selected at the push of a button via the integrated control panel, which is particularly easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.
KG 491 gas cooktop showcases professional quality which can satisfy the most demanding chef cooking in the most sophisticated kitchen. Matching the Vario appliances from Gaggenau 400 series, this cooktop has flat and largely closed surface of the three-part solid cast pan support to allow easy shifting of pots and pans and particularly easy cleaning. The new powerful, 90 cm wide gas cooktop in robust stainless steel from Gaggenau offers everything that makes cooking a literal breeze – five burner rings, including the large strong wok burner with a total output of 17000 W, optimally controllable and fast-reacting heat supply for every cooking requirement, convenient one-hand operation by means of the heavy push-to-turn control knobs with automatic fast ignition and child lock as well as the most up-to-date gas technology in accordance with the ionization principle. The new gas technology now used in all Gaggenau appliances offers two crucial advantages – automatic fast ignition and electronic flame monitoring. This appliance, which is suitable for all gas types, offers safety and operating convenience.
All modular cooktops are safe and fun to use featuring child locks, electronic short-period alarm timer, over heat protection and thermoelectric safety pilot for your protection. Gaggenau Appliances.

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