Modular cooking with integrated Wolf modular cooktops

The family of Wolf modular cooktops consists of seven 15″ cooktops, thoughtfully designed for the best modular cooking experience. The four integrated cooktops – electric, gas, induction and multifunction – can be combined in any way with each other, and with modular grill, steamer and fryer. Or you can easily integrate these modules with Wolf full-size cooktops. Featuring illuminated electronic touch controls with graduated control lighting, these stainless steel finished modules look sharp.
The 15″ framed Wolf electric cooktop is made of the black ceramic glass with the classic stainless steel trim finish. Two heating elements with three zones offer exceptional control of temperature for cooking utensils of various sizes. Both heating elements offer True Simmer and one element has a Melt setting. The easy-to-clean translucent ceramic glass is resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat, and allows you to see the warming glow of hot elements. This modular electric cooktop features two ribbon-type radiant heating elements with three temperature zones, one dual-zone and one single-zone element, hot surface indicators, high frequency pulsation elements for improve cooking performance and control, temperature limiter to ensure that safe operating temperature of ceramic glass is never exceeded, and child safety lock key.
The Wolf integrated gas cooktops have two dual-stacked, sealed burners with automatic reignition on all settings. The upper-level burner is perfect for maximum heat transfer, while the lower-tier burner delivers fine tuning control and True Simmer. The sealed burners and deep recess of the seamless drawn pan make clean up a snap. Available in natural or LP gas and made from stainless steel, the cooktop is created for modular cooking with features like seamless drawn burner pan, low-profile cast iron continuous burner grates with matte porcelain finish, True Simmer setting on all burners, and individual spark ignition system. One medium 12,000 BTU per hour sealed burner with 800 delivered at simmer, and one small 9,200 BTU per hour sealed burner with 300 delivered at simmer.
This sleek 15-inch induction cooktop from Wolf is the modular powerhouse offering excellent cooking performance, efficiency and flexibility – all while the cooking surface stays cool to the touch. Precise and immediate control of heating and heat adjustment is twice faster than in gas or electric cooktops. Easy-to-clean black ceramic glass surface is resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat, and induction elements heat cookware, not the glass, for a cooler, safer cooking surface. Features include cookware sensing, meaning induction high-efficiency elements are energized only with a pan present on the cooktop surface, True Simmer and Melt settings on both elements. Hi-Power mode boosts power on rear element to 2,200W maximum power output by diverting power from front element, while simultaneous operation of both elements has 1,800W power output for each.
For true modular wok cooking, the burner of the Wolf 15″ multi-function cooktop sculpts the gas flame into a plume, focusing heat in the center of the wok, then dispersing it outward for precisely controlled cooking. The low-profile grate fits nicely with any Wolf gas cooktop and can accommodate your largest stockpot. The powerful dual-stacked sealed burner exceeds 18,000 BTU per hour. This Wolf multi-function integrated module has classic stainless steel finish and is available in natural or LP gas. Automatic electronic reignition system, illuminated control panel, individual spark ignition system, two interchangeable cast iron burner grates with matte porcelain finish and deep drawn burner pan.
With the modular Wolf grill, indoor cooking of steaks and vegetables is an easy task, and without the hassle of lava rocks or briquettes. Two 1,400W heating elements enable you to cook on one side of this modular cooktop while keeping other items at serving temperature. For ease of cleaning, unwanted grease is drained into a removable collection pan. Stainless steel construction and finish, low-profile, one-piece cast iron grilling grate with matte porcelain finish, independent digital timer and black porcelain-coated grease deflection plates.
With a temperature ranging from 140°F to a boil, you can keep food hot for long periods of time in the integrated Wolf steamer module or defrost food easily without drying out or losing its flavor. With a two-gallon capacity this modular cooking device can hold up to 14 cups of cooked pasta and includes one solid and one perforated stackable insert pan. The steamer has hidden 2,600W heating element, reversible domed glass lid for easy storage, independent digital timer, digital temperature readout and preheat indicator, electronic drain and is perfect for steaming vegetables, eggs and custard, double boiling, proofing bread dough, warming food and melting chocolate. It can also function as a slow cooker for 8–10 hours.
The accurate temperature control of the modular Wolf fryer enables you to seal in that great flavor of the food without absorbing any unnecessary grease. The extremely deep fryer comes with one large and two small fryer baskets, and can handle large portions of small food items or even a whole chicken. Hidden 2,600W heating element, large capacity tub, low-profile lid, Melt feature, independent digital timer, digital temperature readout and preheat indicator, and easy manual locking drain capability make this modular fryer quite capable for its size.
Of course, you must have a large kitchen to incorporate all seven modular cooktops, but you don’t have to. Choose the ones you really want and will use – for the ultimate modular cooking, Wolf integrated cooktops are likely some of the best available today.

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