24 inch dishwasher – Gaggenau DF 260/261 dishwashers

Gaggenau now offers two 24 inch dishwasher models – the DF 260 with Euro tub and DF 261 with tall tub. Both power dishwashers provide restaurant-grade dishwashing capabilities while meeting all your decor demands with the sleek luxurious, built-in design. The new DF 260/261 24 inch dishwashers are strong enough to clean up after the most prolific home chefs in just 59 minutes flat – thanks to the unique Power Boost option, so you have quick and spotless results each and every time. And an Intense Wash setting is perfect for mixed loads. 6 additional programs include an Extra-Dry setting to remove all water particles from hard-to-dry plastics such as Tupperware. Very economical and efficient, the ‘AAA’ rated dishwashers save time, money and energy without sacrificing strength. Gaggenau exclusive Aqua sensor technology determines the load and degree of soiling, optimizing the water temperature, water quantity and the length of the washing cycle accordingly. The 24 inch dishwasher also has automatic detergent function which adjusts the amount of detergent used to the needs of each load. Not only does it take the guesswork out of doing the dishes, it also conserves energy and water by avoiding the excess usage of both.
Stemware support bars and dividers accommodate up to 24 wine glasses and, combined with Gaggenau dishwasher glassware technology and anti-slip grids, ensure that the most delicate stemware remains intact. A third basket for cutlery, espresso cups, small plates and chopsticks, and Flex Plus basket system offer interior configurations to fit the largest pots and pans while protecting delicate china. The middle basket, with its fully extendable pull-out rack, adjusts to three levels, even when fully loaded, to accommodate oversized dishes and cutlery, and can be removed completely for greater flexibility.

Available with stainless steel- or aluminum-backed glass door panels to match Gaggenau ovens, or can be installed seamlessly with custom cabinetry. The movable parts are color-coded, allowing you to load and unload dishes and cutlery with ease. With a noise level of only 41 decibels, either 24 inch dishwasher is the perfect silent partner for design-conscious home chefs. A discreet Info-Light projects a red dot onto the floor beneath the dishwasher to indicate it is in operation. Gaggenau. Previously, Gaggenau dishwasher.

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