Gaggenau range hoods – AH 600 ventilator with the Coanda effect

I like the way this 36″ Gaggenau hood, AH 600 looks here, the contoured lines actually resemble the hood of expensive German engineered sedan. Oh well, that is just one man’s opinion, but this range hood does uses a very unique and proprietary Gaggenau technology, called the Coanda effect. This novel and exclusive ventilation system includes another fan positioned at the front of the ventilator to generate a flow of air, which is deflected around a cylinder towards the back of the ventilator. The backward airflow guides any vapor rising from the cooking surface directly towards the filter area of the ventilator, ensuring perfect ventilation over the whole of the cooking area. gaggenau-at-600-power-selector.JPG This very quiet range hood features tree power levels plus a short intensive mode which boosts extraction for a short period of time – three, five or ten minutes depending on the ventilator model, to cope when cooking generates especially large amounts of smoke or steam. The ventilator returns to its previous power setting at the end of the intensive mode. The AH 600 provides control knob operation, while the other models use push buttons with one button for each power level. The stainless steel filter is easily removable and is dishwasher safe. Once an excessive accumulation of grease and dirt begins affect the performance and efficiency, the filter saturation indicator starts flashing reminding you to put it in dishwasher. gaggenau-at-600-display.JPG The large, easy to read digital display shows the power level selected. Push buttons, one each for Intensive Mode, Delayed Shut-off, Coanda Effect and Filter Reset bring up additional functions. The AH 600 ventilator hood can be used in both exhaust and recirculation systems. Both alternatives initially pass contaminated air through a grease filter to keep the interior of the hood and the air ducts free of unpleasant deposits. In the exhaust configuration, the air is then expelled to the outside either via a ventilation shaft or directly through an exterior wall. In the recirculation configuration, it passes through a built-in activated carbon filter to remove odors and then returns to the room. The activated carbon filter typically requires changing twice a year, which is a very simple operation requiring no tools. gaggenau-at-600-halogen-lamps.JPG Gaggenau also equips this range hood with the three 50W halogen lamps to provide optimal glare-free illumination of the entire cooktop. The three lamps, which are arranged along the rear wall, give the strongest illumination available under a kitchen ventilator. The intense halogen light of the AH 600 emits a similar color temperature to sunlight, which makes it very easy on the eyes. The interval ventilation feature lets you set the ventilator to switch on automatically for five minutes in hour at the power level selected. Delayed shut-off function allows to continue kitchen ventilation after you finish cooking. The ventilator will run at the selected power level for an extra ten minutes to catch any remaining vapor and leave the kitchen air absolutely clean. Buy the 36″ AH 600 Gaggenau range hood for about $2,550 USD. Previously, Gaggenau AT 400 ventilation table.

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