Gutmann Futura – a new age in downdraft ventilation

Once in a while, a company takes something quite ordinary and with a few small and elegant touches, completely changes it into a piece of art. Sometimes those touches can be quite drastic. Whatever it took, Gutmann may have accomplished just that, with its newest Futura downdraft vent from Cielo line. Available in February of 2008, the new hood looks completely pristine as you can’t even see the exhaust. Using a harmonic combination of stainless steel and glass components, Gutmann presents minimalistic and aesthetic design which is destined to become a must-have for any modern kitchen. The vent functionality is guaranteed by an innovative edge suction and highest quality condensation filter. Completely unobtrusive, this futuristic piece of downdraft ventilation slides into the countertop with the push of a button. Also Gutmann Nube.

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