First ever dual fuel range option from Diva de Provence

For the first time fans of Diva de Provence will be able to buy new dual fuel ranges available in Diva’s popular range models – the 36″ Diva 900, the 48″ Diva 1200, and the 64″ or 68″ Diva 1600. The dual fuel option will be available on all Diva custom and island configurations as well. The Diva dual fuel range’s electric oven has a forced-air convection system that distribute even temperature and airflow. It uses a heated convection fan and a lower heating element giving the user convenience and superior control over four different cooking methods – baking, roasting, convection baking and convection roasting. Classic European design with stainless steel oven, double-walled airtight door and cast iron floor designed to provide natural air convection with better heat distribution. See Diva kitchen island and Diva induction cooktop.

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