Electrolux steam oven

Top chefs have long combined hot air and steam to create food that is both crisp and golden, while retaining taste and flavour. Steam cooking has become a popular trend among professional chefs due to convenience, great results and health advantages. Now you can emulate these professional results at home with the Electrolux compact steam oven. The EOK96030X steamer features heat and grill functions to bring out the best in food. The combination of these functions helps keep food beautifully browned and moist without added fat, all the while preserving flavours, vitamins and minerals. The oven food probe makes it easy to know when food is cooked without having to cut into it. A sound alert can be activated to let you know when your food is ready.

The Electrolux compact steam oven includes preprogrammed settings for cooking common dishes. All you have to do is tell the oven what you are cooking and how much it weighs. The oven calculates the correct temperature, amount of steam and cooking time for you. The steamer has 13 cooking functions for normal cooking, wet steam and hot air, plus steam for preparing a variety of different foods. Since the compact steam oven enables interval cooking, you can combine steam and hot air in two different settings for a delicious result. In addition to being a healthier option, the steam function also allows you to prepare an entire menu from appetisers to dessert, with different dishes side by side being cooked at the same time, making it easier when you are entertaining. The process allows you to cook dishes with different cooking times together, because as soon as the food is saturated with steam it is cooked and it stays on-hold while the rest of the food is cooked.
There is a special low temperature program like the ones professionals use to get tender and succulent meat. In addition, up to 10 customised recipe programs can be stored in the oven electronic memory. And steam is also optimal for reheating cold or frozen meals. The steam oven is also a safe and easy-to-clean. Steam helps loosen grime, making it possible to effortlessly wipe it off. Price is $3,480 AUD. Electrolux.

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