Dual-zone wine cooler – new U-Line Wine Captain cabinet

Full overlay frame

The new Dual-Zone Wine Captain Cabinet, 2275ZWC temperatures can be customized according to your preferences, and set anywhere between 34º and 60º. You can select the ideal temperature for wines or other beverages. The cabinet upper and lower zones are specialized, independently refrigerated chambers with separate temperature control capabilities. The digital display and touch control panel conveniently located at the center of cabinet, put the ability to select or change a temperature setting right at your fingertips. This U-Line Wine Captain cabinet comes with U-Select technology featuring 4 pre-programmed and customizable temperature settings for red, white, sparkling wines, and an alternative beverage setting, greatly simplifying the process and ensuring that wines are chilled appropriately. U-Select settings and allowable ranges are based on ideal serving temperatures and safe storage conditions. The pre-programmed settings and ranges are at 55º F and 50º to 60º F for red wines, 50º F and 45º to 55º F for white, 45º F and 40º to 50º F for sparkling wine, and 38º F and 34º to 60º F for beverages. Features of this dual zone wine cooler include capacity up to 43 .75 litre bottles, stable storage temperature, vibration safe environment and 50% internal relative humidity, tinted, thermal-tempered glass for UV light protection and full extension slide out wine racks.
Stainless steel

3 bottle wine caddy slides out for convenience and easy transport. Full extension slide out wine racks provide easy access. Gently curved maple-trimmed wine racks can be stained to match surrounding decor. Adjustable On/Off interior light permits you simply enjoy the view of your bottles in case you are not ready for a glass. The light will automatically shut off after four hours. The dual zone Wine Captain is available in three models – full overlay frame, stainless steel and stainless steel with optional commercial style handle. The prices are $2,060 for overlay frame model and $2,280 for the stainless coolers. U-Line Appliances. Previously, Echelon wine cooler.

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