Triple Elite custom wine cellar EuroCave Performance 283

If you want a custom wine cellar and want to make a statement, or just enjoy nice things, and most importantly have money to spend, the Triple Elite custom wine cellar from Wine Enthusiast could be just what you are looking for. Designed in Beech wood and hand crafted by professional cabinet makers, the EuroCave Elite cellars can be customized and combined together making one stunning and expensive single piece of wine storage furniture. The Triple Elite cellars are available in many configurations that can include 1, 2, or 3 EuroCave cabinets, humidors, bartops and glass racks, with either glass or solid wood doors. These custom wine cellars are available in the following stains – Natural Varnished, Mahogany, Elm, Hazel, Black, Almond, Honey and Natural Unvarnished. The custom cellar above is a EuroCave Performance 283 Triple Elite Natural Varnished and is assembled from two Performance 283 1-Temp EuroCave cabinets with reversed hinged glass doors, a Performance 83 with a right hinged glass door and the Bar Setup with two stemware racks. The price is $17,650 USD. Previously, Eurocave 30 Year Limited Edition wine cabinets.

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