Siemens wine tower

18″ Siemens wine tower has 14 racks and provides space for 70 bottles of wine in the wall, protecting wine bottles from heat, light, temperature fluctuations and humidity that can hasten wine deterioration. The avantGarde vertiCool sits pretty in your wall, behind a custom or glass door and stores your treasures at a constant, proper temperature, maintaining wines integrity, complexity and flavor. Two different independently temperature controlled compartments hold separately white and red wines at their respective ideal environments – within 37° to 64° F range. The optimum temperature for red wine is from 55° to 60° F, for white wine is from 49° to 56° F and for rose it is at 49° to 51° F range. Other features of the Siemens wine tower include the door-open alarm to prevent unintentional temperature and humidity fluctuations, bright halogen lighting, Siemens 115° accessHinge design for a convenient access, economy and vacation modes. The 18″ Siemens wine tower is available with custom door for $3,870 or with optional left or right hinged stainless steel door for $4,300.

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