Corner wine cabinet from Vinotheque

The corner Vinotheque Connoisseur cabinet represents a completely new and innovative style of furniture wine storage and provides a creative solution, maximizing wine storage space while minimizing cabinet footprint and overall space requirements. Designed to fit perfectly in the corner of your room, this unique six door wine cabinet saves space while making an absolutely beautiful wine focal point in addition to its excellent wine storage capacity. The front of the corner wine cabinet can display up to 28 bottles of your best wine, and you can store up to 260 bottles at ideal temperature and humidity with the help of WhisperKOOL Cooling System, which employs the industry standard forced air cooling method to maintain the proper environment. To maximize wine bottle storage, the Connoisseur corner cabinet features three different racking zones and comes with liquid measuring thermostat to measure the liquid temperature in a wine bottle and state of the art LED lights to illuminate the display areas behind the central glass doors. Available in 6 wood exteriors – alder, red oak, mahogany, maple, black walnut and cherry. The price for the corner Vinotheque Connoisseur Cabinet starts at $5,850. Previously, Vinotheque Cardinale series wine cellar.

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