SoWine bar from EuroCave

The very unique 2 bottle preservation and service SoWine Bar from EuroCave can keep your favourite wines opened for up to 7 days at the perfect serving temperature, so you are not in a rush to finish them. The temperature in each compartment of the SoWine can be independently selected, with factory setting to 9°C for white and 17°C for red wines. You can have either two bottles of red, or 2 bottles of white or one of each, preserved and ready to go. SoWine bar needs at least 3 hours to reach the desired serving temperature for open or unopened bottle of wine. The push down pump seals the open bottle, ensuring the perfect vacuum to slow the further oxidation of the wine. When you open the door, the pump raises up to its starting position. The price for EuroCave SoWine is £300. Previously, Triple Elite custom wine cellar.

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