Liebherr wine refrigerator with three temperature zones

The large Liebherr WTes4677 Vinidor is the capable wine refrigerator that stores wines at three different temperatures from +5°C to +20°C or +41°F to +68°F. This state-of-the-art wine refrigerator holds up to 143 bottles in three separately controlled temperature zones and enables both long term and serving temperature storage. This allows you to store champagne, red wine and white wine each at its optimum temperature without undermining the quality of wines produced by different grapes, prolonging the flavour and aroma and longevity. Liebherr equips this refrigerator with a dimmable LED display for accurate temperature monitoring. A carbon filter fitted to each zone purifies the incoming fresh air for purity. Even the hand made, untreated wooden shelves contribute to optimum wine storage. Refrigerator humidity is maintained between 50% and 80%, guaranteeing ideal conditions to ensure the corks do not dry out. The WTes4677 also allows wines to be stored long term, with the UV light repellent door keeping harmful light at bay while the motor, housed in an isolated environment, ensures a vibration free environment. This triple temperature wine refrigerator from Liebherr retails at approximately £2,850. Also, wine storage refrigerator.

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