Built-in wine cooler – Siemens wine storage cabinet

The sharp looking built-in wine cooler, Siemens KF24WA40 showcases the clear line design that combines glass, stainless steel and a very functional anti bacterial interior, making this Siemens wine cooler an eye catching, high performance built-in wine storage cabinet a must for every European wine enthusiast. Just a light touch on the handle beautifully illuminates the interior giving you and the guests an overview of your priced collection. The dimmable illumination further highlights the distinct interior design and style of the built-in wine cooler with its high-end aluminium shelves and translucent plastic half shells. Other key features of this wine storage cabinet include LED temperature display, adjustable temperature range from 6°C to 14°C, double insulated frameless glass doors with UV resistant glass and stainless steel handle. The total capacity of 63 euro bottles is supported by 8 shelves including 5 height adjustable ones. Measuring only H122 x W54 x T54 cm, the Siemens KF24WA40 built-in wine cooler sells for around € 1,600.

Siemens wine tower
Built-in wine cooler

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