Climadiff AV305 and AV305GL ageing wine cabinets

This large ageing wine cabinet, Climadiff AV305 can take 294 traditional Claret bottles, letting you store a sizable wine collection in one place. Electronically regulated, single-zone wine cabinet, the Climadiff AV305 maintains 12°C temperature within ±2° throughout. It has 5 collector reversible shelves, with one sliding, and specially designed Winter System that keeps temperature from 0°C to 40°C in unheated locations. Features include stabilized hydrometry, double thermostat, digital controls, subtle LED light, anti-vibration system, metal inner liner, charcoal filer and lock. Climadiff AV305 sells for £1,475. Climadiff also offers the AV305GL ageing wine cabinet with anti-UV glass door, priced at £1,750.


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