Outdoor wine cooler – the energy saver

With spring around the corner, you may be inspired to move your dinner party from the kitchen to the patio. The outdoor wine cooler is a convenient appliance that will impress your guests and save you time and energy. This outdoor cooler features waterproof rings that allows you to fit up to four bottles snugly in the ice. No longer will you have to run into the kitchen to be able to serve your guests a delicious chilled beverage. Whether it is wine or champagne that you crave, this versatile cooler can accommodate a variety of bottles to suit your unique tastes. This 14″ x 8 3/4″ outdoor wine cooler features rattan and wood siding that creates a perfect match with any nature-inspired decor, making it the ideal size and styling to incorporate into your outdoor tablescape. Price is $79. Available from Eastern Leaf.

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