Cavavin wine cellars – high-fashion wine cabinets

Cavavin wine cellars are high fashion wine cabinets ideal for the avid wine collector. The deluxe series of cellars are able to hold from 80 to 240 bottles, while the combined deluxe series can accommodate from 160 to 480 bottles or more. These individual units can be combined to create a semi-custom unit that can accommodate your particular needs. The exterior of each Cavavin cellar has been carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly with your existing decor. Cellars can be specified with an unfinished exterior, leaving you free to finish it as you please, in a sleek stainless steel finish, or constructed in a wood of your choice (pine, oak or other) and stained to your liking. The interior of these cellars are molded in black polystyrene to allow for easy cleaning and durability and include sliding black metal shelves that can store two bottles. Interior lighting makes Cavavin wine cellars easy to navigate, and a digital thermostat display is built into the door, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 7 and 17 degrees Celsius or 42 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Each of these high-fashion wine cabinets comes with specially configured wine cellar management software. These distinct cabinets will change the feeling of your space while storing any quantity of wine. Contact Cavavin for details.

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