Aga refrigeration – pantry refrigerator and freezer

The Aga pantry refrigerator keeps food fresher for longer because it has forced air refrigeration to lower the temperature of food fast and reduce dehydration. Evolved from the commercial refrigeration market, with its very high standards of safe food storage and large-capacity cabinets, this top mounted Aga refrigeration system ensures the best cold storage for all your favorite foods, preserving flavour and texture. With its 350 litre storage capacity, the refrigerator can store enough food, so you don’t have to buy groceries too often. Aga equips this refrigerator with 3 adjustable shelves made of perforated stainless steel, 1 wine shelf with telescopic runners to hold 5 bottles, 1 deep bottom drawer with large vegetable container plus 2 open Gastronorm pans and 1 medium drawer with 6 Gastronorm containers with lids. Professional style, insulated door with mirrored stainless steel interior, precision temperature control between 3ºC – 6ºC and durable, hygienic, easy to clean interior and base in high-grade polished stainless steel are other features of this Aga pantry refrigerators. Interior of the refrigeration system is brought back to temperature quickly once the door is closed, keeping energy consumption at the very minimum. Available in 14 colors, the Aga pantry refrigeration system measures W742 x D712 x H1812 mm.
The Aga pantry freezer brings professional kitchen refrigeration into your home with a combination of outstanding performance and clean traditional looks. The 245 litre Aga freezer has an efficient cooling system with professional forced-air circulation, a digital panel hidden behind the hinged cover showing the internal temperature and ensuring precise control of system operation, an audible alert which sounds should the refrigeration system status move outside preset, precision temperature control for optimum performance between -18ºC and -22ºC, and deep stainless steel pull-out freezer baskets. Available in 14 colors with overall dimensions of W595 x D712 x H1812 mm. Aga.

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