UniC electric grill from Alpina – portable fan oven-grill with no extraction

The UniC multifunctional fan oven-grill needs no extraction.

This Alpina oven-grill has sleek curvilinear hood enclosure with innovative built-in ventilation system to prevent emitting irritating fumes and unpleasant odors, while retaining all the food proteins and full flavours for perfect cooking results.

The UniC grill doesn’t require additional extraction system and causes no spillage of fats and carbon deposit buildups.

The speed of cooking is phenomenally quick with both fresh or frozen foods, as this multifunctional fan oven-grill quickly heats up to 250 ºC, and is excellent for all types of food, be it fish, meat, vegetables, pizza, sandwiches or even pre-cooked foods.

The interior fan, featuring a removable and washable filter, continuously circulates the hot and clean air around your food and cooking area, producing precise all-around temperatures for every inch of cooking surfaces, resulting in fast, healthy and delicious meals.


The simple digital control panel makes operation of the UniC grill-oven quite easy. The power consumption of 1,200 Watts is low enough to make the no extraction grill energy efficient.

Available in stainless steel, red and blue, the UniC multifunctional fan oven-grill also features adjustable feet to increase or decrease inclination, sloping cooking plates and enclosed lower removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

The available grill plates are ribbed with or without Teflon coating, or ceramic smooth. The overall dimensions are W40 x D46 x H25 cm, making this grill-oven quite compact yet efficiently powerful, with top heating element at 500 Watts, and bottom heating element at 700 Watts.

Maximum initial heating time is 10 minutes, 13 Amp power supply needed. The price is around £750.

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