Aga refrigerators – new Aga larder refrigerator

The design of new Aga refrigerators is based on many years of experience and consumer demand. Aga larder refrigerator is built to the same stringent requirements and standards as Aga cookers, for serious performance and seriously cool. Aga made sure that with the new two-drawer refrigerator you can find and access everything simply and easily, without joggling your food around while trying to reach in the corner or in the not well designed drawer – a common problem with many moder refrigerators. This refrigerator is better organised and perfect to keep all the daily essentials immediately to hand. Built to last a lifetime and perform to your highest expectations, these larder Aga refrigerators are based on commercial technology, so you know that reliability and functionality will be top notch. The two-drawer refrigerator is ideal for storing bottles and jars and, because the drawers pull right out, everything is easy to see at a glance. With the increasing trend towards refrigerator drawers, as opposed to cupboards, in kitchen furniture, the benefits derived from the use of refrigerated drawers are obvious. Looking after food is the basic Aga priority. The 160 litre Aga larder refrigerator offers an adjustable section divider and restaurant-style storage containers cut waste by keeping your food fresh for longer. The features include two refrigerated drawer compartments with adjustable section dividers and pull-out Gastronorm storage containers, durable hygienic easy to clean interior in high-grade polished stainless steel, full auto defrost, smooth telescopic easy-slide cushioned drawer runners, precision temperature control between 0°C to 8°C with push button LED display interfaced with microprocessor control system. The overall dimensions of these Aga refrigerators are W606 x D616 x H864mm. Available in dark blue, claret, cream and black.

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