Baumatic fridge freezer – Titan1 and Titan2 fridge freezers

Both Baumatic fridge freezers, Titan1 and Titan2 are large stainless steel, side-by-side frost-free fridge freezers which are rated “A” for energy efficiency. The only difference is that Titan2 has built-in ice and water dispenser with digital controls, and because of this a slightly lower capacity of 541 litres vs. 570 litres for Titan1. Each fridge freezer comes with LED controls, multi airflow cooling system for fast universal cooling, deodorizer, anti-bacterial surface for your health protection and mark resistant coating. The fridge interior is smartly designed with 4 safety glass shelves, meat drawer, folding wine tray, 2 salad crispers, 2 egg racks and butter compartment. Freezer has 4 shelves, 6 storage compartments and ice tray. Add to this 2 removable plastic drawers, 2 bottle and 3 general purpose racks plus door storage, and you can see why we think that paying €2.277 for a Titan2 Baumatic fridge freezer is almost a bargain. Titan1 is priced at €2.106. Baumatic. See also Reflex Mirror Glass Baumatic fridge freezer.

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