Samsung J-Series refrigerator by Jasper Morrison

Designed for Europe and conceived by Jasper Morrison, one of today’s most influential industrial designers, the Samsung refrigerator J-Series is the new side-by-side refrigerator which combines a great look and feel with leading edge technology ensuring both, first rate performance and impressive appearance. This new Samsung refrigerator will be the centerpiece of your kitchen, boasting a multitude of unique features that aid in food freshness and help increase energy efficiency. Available in two models, the Stainless Steel Home Bar and Manhattan Silver Cool Select, the J-Series has a seamless exterior design that comprises a flawlessly flush flat door with hidden hinges, tower lighting and the sophisticated design of a tall dispenser, bringing style and quality to your contemporary kitchen. Some convenient features include a “Z” shelf to maximize space usage and bottle storage, a visibly separated and more readable twin display, and a take out tray, ideal for serving cold meats and cheeses during family meals or dinner parties. Technologically, this is one of the most advanced Samsung refrigerators also featuring Twin Cooling Plus system, unique to the Jasper Morrison range of side by side fridge freezers. The system keeps the fridge and freezer compartments completely separate and cools each with its own evaporator, ensuring cold air from the freezer cannot travel into the fridge. This means the fridge retains its high humidity level of 73%, which is essential for preserving the freshness and flavour of your food. The Cool Select Zone is a completely separate fridge compartment within the fridge, with 5 different temperature functions designed to accommodate the demands of varying lifestyle requirements. Multi Flow supplies cooling air through multiple outlets on every shelf, providing even cooling throughout the Samsung refrigerator, as well as quickly cooling the fridge back down to its optimal temperature after the door has been opened. By keeping the temperature steady, your food is kept safely chilled and better preserved. Home Bar lets you keep drinks and snacks easily accessible, so you don’t need to open the refrigerator doors every time you need a beer, exposing the interior to warm outside air and waisting more energy to restore the internal fridge temperature. Antibacterial Protection built into the fridge liners eliminates bacteria and prevents the build up of mould, giving you peace of mind and a safer environment for storing food. Other features are Tall Ice and Water Dispenser, flush fitted Digital LED Display, LED Tower Lighting, Total No Frost and 4 Star Freezer Rating. Excellent performance and sophisticated style from European Samsung J-Series refrigerator. Samsung Appliances.

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