Caple fridge freezer

The new CAFF20, freestanding, side-by-side Caple fridge freezer is designed to maximise storage space. This makes it first choice for bigger families and those who truly enjoy entertaining. The Caple refrigerator comes with brushed silver metallic doors and a grey cabinet for a stylish addition to your kitchen, and has an “A’ energy rating.

Those who remember this beautiful glass door refrigerator from Caple, will truly appreciate sleek design and top notch functionality of the CAFF20 fridge freezer. Caple incorporated a whole host of features, including wave lighting to help lengthen the storage time for your fresh foods. This innovative internal lighting produces a similar spectrum to the sun, therefore allowing food inside of fridge freezer to continue to photosynthesise. Vitamin C+ technology is another great addition, which absorbs oxidising materials released from some foods, therefore preserving higher levels of vitamin C.
All Caple side-by-side fridge freezers feature frost-free functionality. This means build-up of ice is prevented as it melts due to the periodic freezer element heating. It will save you time as there is no need to defrost your freezer manually. It improves the freezer performance too so food will stay fresher for longer.
The 90cm wide and 60cm deep Caple fridge freezer offers 558 litre gross capacity and features enhanced LED lighting, 2 adjustable feet, 5 spill-capture adjustable glass shelves, 6 drawers, 8 door storage racks and a dairy compartment. Price is around £1,195.

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