Samsung G Series fridge freezer

Consumers seem to like this French Door Samsung G Series fridge freezer quite a bit. The roomy contoured refrigerator is beautifully finished, fits any decor and features water and ice dispenser for continuous filtered water and crushed or cubed ice at the touch of a button. The dispenser is also tall enough to accommodate larger glasses or pitchers. The filter is easy to change. In addition, the French Door refrigerator comes with Samsung Twin Cooling Plus technology which keeps food fresher for extended time, maintains optimum humidity levels and ensures that odours don’t travel between the fridge and freezer sections.

Samsung RFG23DERS G Series Three Door fridge freezer offers full width CoolSelect drawer where you can choose from 3 temperature settings – Deli, Fresh and Chilled – to store your food at the optimum conditions. The easy sliding rails and wide open top makes the storage of items easy and fast. There are also two FreshSafe vegetable drawers where the optimal humidity level helps preserve texture, vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
Similar in many ways to Samsung 4-door refrigerator, this G Series fridge freezer has Multiflow Cooling system which pushes cooling air through multiple outlets at every shelf level, ensuring even cooling throughout the refrigerator, and quickly restoring the proper temperature after the door has been opened. And speaking about preserving the temperature, Samsung innovative CoolSafe lock properly seals the doors and keeps the cool air in the fridge, minimizing energy loss. Other features of this American Style refrigerator are the space-saving, energy efficient LED light, large slide-out auto pullout drawer with a movable divider that separates various types of foods, tiltable can rack located in the fridge door, wine rack, dairy compartment, egg container and foldable, flip-up and slide-out shelves for your ultimate convenience. Price for the Samsung RFG23DERS G Series fridge freezer is around £ 1,700. Previously, American Style fridge freezer.

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